Monday, December 9, 2013

Shaker Cabinetry – Beautiful and Versatile

One of the major decisions you can make when choosing your cabinets (aside from material and color) is the door style. With so many options to choose from – ranging from a plain sleek slab door to an ornate raised panel door, many tend to become indecisive for awhile.

A style for all

If you’re looking for a beautiful door style that isn’t too plain or too ornate (but just right), you’ll likely fall in love with the Shaker style cabinet door, as many do.

Made up of four flat panels framing a recessed panel, this door is understated, but classy. Cabinetmakers have been using this style since the Shakers invented it in the 18th century – so it’s tried and true.

Learn more about the Shaker style door here: Shaker Style Still a Cabinetry Classic.

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