Thursday, May 19, 2016

Important Qualities In a Kitchen and Bath Showroom

If you’re like most people, you try to make your home look presentable before company arrives – you wouldn’t want anyone questioning your well-being or your cleanliness, would you? If you’re having someone important come visit, you probably also wouldn’t let them see you in your "bum-around" clothes or your pajamas if you want to make a good impression, either. On a similar note, you can tell a lot about a business by what you find inside, which is why it should be second nature for a kitchen and bath business to keep everything, including their showroom and employees, in tip top shape.

Mistake Free Remodeling – It’s a Team Effort

A successful remodel doesn’t happen with magic or luck, it happens when the proper team is in place to achieve it. It requires working with a dealer that is focused on only doing kitchen and bath projects, that’s large enough to have the resources needed to create all the teams needed, and has the experience to complete the project successfully.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Keep Your Style Simple and Modern

Remember back when life was less demanding? Yes, we’re having a hard time thinking of when that was, too! But, we know it did. Now-a-days, people are always running to the next place, booking more meetings than they can attend, and checking phones for the next update – whether that's on social media, ESPN, email, or all of the above. In a complex world, sometimes a little simplicity is needed.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Now is the Time to Prepare for Your Remodel

With all this cold weather plunging down from the arctic in recent weeks, we thought we’d thaw you out a bit with some warmer thoughts. Spring will be here before we all know it, so there is no time like the present to start the initial plans on that remodel you resolved about this New Year. Sure, you could wait until spring to get started, or you can get started now and beat the mob of people who come out of hibernation with plans to remodel.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Range Hoods - Choosing the Right Ventilation System

Food cooking on the stove has the power to make a whole families mouth water, but when the smell of last night’s dinner is still present at breakfast, you either need to empty your garbage, or think about installing a better kitchen ventilation system.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Adding Storage to Your Kitchen & Bath

It always seems like there is never enough space in the house for all the stuff that is in it. Even in some remodels that add cabinets to the kitchen and bath, homeowners still feel like there isn’t enough space to keep everything organized. The reason is they likely didn’t design their space for optimal storage. There are changes you can make to your cabinets and storage areas that will give you a spot to put everything you have.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Noteworthy Faucet Technology for Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms today have far more choices than those of years past. With advancement of technology, not only have finish and style choices become plentiful, but also other details that make a difference in comfort and costs around the home. Here are some noteworthy advancements in kitchen and bathroom faucets worth considering – and these are just a few of the many options available, which we’ll be glad to go over with you in more detail.

Friday, August 15, 2014

What’s Trending in the Long Island Kitchen

Every homeowner is unique, and it is always fun to see what each person chooses to include in their kitchen or bathroom remodel. Even when someone knows exactly what they want style-wise, our designers still get many questions about what’s popular with other homeowners. Whether you let it affect your remodeling choices or not, it is always interesting to see what’s trending (and can especially come in handy if you’re trying to remodel with resale in mind).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Customer Sends in Her Kitchen Renovation Video!

Nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer! Watch this customer-submitted video of her brand new kitchen renovation...Reenie - the video and the kitchen came out great!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why NOW is the Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen or Bath

Do you talk frequently about when the right time would be to remodel your kitchen? There are many reasons why today is the best time. Possibly the most important reason is the fact that time may be running out on many of the incentives that make it the perfect time to consider remodeling.