Friday, August 15, 2014

What’s Trending in the Long Island Kitchen

Every homeowner is unique, and it is always fun to see what each person chooses to include in their kitchen or bathroom remodel. Even when someone knows exactly what they want style-wise, our designers still get many questions about what’s popular with other homeowners. Whether you let it affect your remodeling choices or not, it is always interesting to see what’s trending (and can especially come in handy if you’re trying to remodel with resale in mind).

While you can find many resources online about remodeling trends, it is important to note that remodeling trends, like real-estate, vary widely across different regions.

What’s popular now?

Here are some preferences we’re seeing this year in the Long Island area:

Cabinetry – While we offer thousands of cabinetry styles and color combinations, we’ve seen a definite trend toward white paint and darker stain finishes paired with recessed panel cabinet doors (where the center panel is flat, displaying understated elegance). All of these choices can be incorporated into just about any kitchen style of your choice – from traditional to contemporary.

Hardware – Tubular pulls are a clean and sleek look we’ve been seeing a trend toward. They complement the crispness of a recessed panel door beautifully.

Countertops – When it comes to countertops, we’re still noticing a pull toward granite and quartz countertops, due to their natural beauty, easy upkeep, and durability. With hundreds of color options and a variety of edge profiles, granite and quartz countertops also fit into all kitchen styles.

Appliances – Gone are the days of boring kitchen appliances. Today, people are making their kitchens look professional with commercial-style appliances. Stainless steel is still the popular choice, but ranges have been growing in size and power (with sleek and powerful range hoods to accompany them).

Faucets – With technology making advancements in all areas of life, a popular choice is the touch faucet. Benefits range from convenience to less kitchen contamination.

While many trends come and go, these are all classic choices that we see sticking around for a long time. Generally speaking, if you want your kitchen style to last you for the next decade, or if you want a style that will sell well, stay neutral with color choices, don’t overdo it with details, and make sure everything matches or complements each other nicely. If you have any questions about kitchen remodeling trends, or making a certain style work in your Long Island home, our professionals are full of answers.

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