Friday, December 27, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops

When building or remodeling a kitchen, the countertop material can be one of the most important choices you face. As one of the most visible aspects of any kitchen design, you want your countertops to have a good appearance, but you also need them to perform well when in use. With granite countertops you will add style and value to your home, all while having a countertop that can stand up to everyday use.

1. Value

Many homeowners who are considering a kitchen remodel may think that granite is too pricey for their budget, but considering its value over time, the extra cost is usually worth it.

By adding granite countertops in your kitchen, you are not only improving that space, but you are also adding value to your whole home. Granite will also never depreciate in value, so your investment now will payoff in the long run.

2. Appearance

Granite is a natural occurrence of interlocking mineral crystals – usually feldspar and quartz – that is mined from the earth in large slabs. These slabs are then cut and polished until they are ready to shine in your new kitchen.

Coming from nature, there are no two slabs of granite that look exactly the same. Installing granite countertops means that your kitchen will have a luminous look that is unique to your home.

3. Cleanliness

A polished granite countertop is a thing of beauty and also has the benefit of being resistant to bacterial contamination. With granite countertops you can prepare food without worry. If something does get on the countertops you can easily clean them with a little bit of warm water mixed with detergent.

4. Strength

In addition to being strong against bacteria, granite is also strong against heat and abrasions. Granite is formed underground in a process that involves extreme heat and pressure. This makes granite countertops resistant to any damage from placing a hot pan or pot directly on the counter surface. With granite, your counters will also be resistant to scratches and chips, but be careful of any powerful direct contact (such as from a meat cleaver).

5. Stain Resistance

The kitchen can be a messy place and accidents do happen, that’s why you want a countertop that will be resistant to stains. Granite is naturally moisture-resistant and is less likely to stain than some other popular materials, but it is a porous rock and, if not treated correctly, will also stain.

You can prevent any possible stains by choosing granite countertops that have be pre-treated with sealants that will cause liquids to bead on the surface, thus saving you from any unsightly stains. You can even get granite with 5 and 15 year stain protection guarantees.

By choosing granite for your new kitchen countertops you will not only be improving your kitchen design, but also your kitchen functionality and your overall home value.

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