Thursday, October 2, 2014

Adding Storage to Your Kitchen & Bath

It always seems like there is never enough space in the house for all the stuff that is in it. Even in some remodels that add cabinets to the kitchen and bath, homeowners still feel like there isn’t enough space to keep everything organized. The reason is they likely didn’t design their space for optimal storage. There are changes you can make to your cabinets and storage areas that will give you a spot to put everything you have.

Bathroom Storage Options

Not every bathroom has space for a huge linen cabinet, yet additional storage space may still be needed. Adding floating shelving on walls or an over the john wall cabinet are both great ways to add bathroom storage(hidden or exposed) without taking up more floor space (making it a perfect option in a small guest bath). If you have a vanity, you can also opt for a tilt-down drawer under the sink to hold items like lotions and toothpaste freeing up extra room in your medicine cabinet.

Storage and Organization in the Kitchen

The center of the home, the kitchen, always needs the most storage. It not only needs to hold the food you cook in it, it also needs to hold all of the items you need to cook the food. With a couple of customizations, you can give yourself a space that has a spot for everything. How many times have you lost items under the sink because the cabinet has no shelving? Consider adding shelving and door mounted racks to hold your cleaning supplies and items that need to stay out of the way.

If you have deep drawers, add pegs to hold items in place. The pegs will keep your bowls and serving-ware from banging together when you open and close the drawers.

Organization in drawers is as important as having enough space for all of your items. Instead of letting spices and spray cans take up valuable shelf space in wall mounted cabinets, add a tall drawer next to the stove so that they have their own space that is close to the area where you’ll need them. Also consider build in utensil organizers in your drawers. This small addition builds an organization system that fits perfectly in your drawer. Then, there won’t be any more useless area created by a utensil holder that doesn’t fit properly.

Adding functional storage and organization pieces is the finishing touch on your kitchen or bath remodel. Consumer’s Kitchens has an Exclusive Design Concept Database in the showroom that allows you to instantly view and choose from hundreds of storage options for all storage cabinets. Come visit the showroom and see for yourself the kind of storage and organizational additions you can make in your space.

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