Thursday, January 29, 2015

Keep Your Style Simple and Modern

Remember back when life was less demanding? Yes, we’re having a hard time thinking of when that was, too! But, we know it did. Now-a-days, people are always running to the next place, booking more meetings than they can attend, and checking phones for the next update – whether that's on social media, ESPN, email, or all of the above. In a complex world, sometimes a little simplicity is needed.

Get the look

As you plan your kitchen remodel, why not just keep it simple with a modern style? It can be your breath of fresh air for your complicated days.

To get the look in your space, keep the following words in mind:

Horizontal – Look at most modern kitchens and you’ll begin to notice a few similarities; one of which is an emphasis on horizontal lines. From horizontally-set tubular hardware to long, lean stacked full access cabinet drawers, these lines make a beautifully modern statement.

Industrial – The style dates back to the early 1900s, just after the industrial revolution, so not surprisingly, industrial touches are welcomed in modern designs. You’ll often find materials such as concrete and stainless steel adorning kitchen countertops, appliances, or even floors, and they blend nicely with other natural materials as well…which leads us to our next point.

Natural – While you won’t find many gaudy patterns cluttering this simple style, you will find natural details prevalent, such as natural graining in wood floors, or natural stone countertops. The simple style of the rest of the room lets these natural details shine.

Open - Modern kitchens of this era are opening things up a bit and keeping things social. You’ll often find an island in the layout, bar stools, fewer walls, and optimal lighting to complete the open feel.

If you’re tired of running around all day and coming home to an outdated, complicated kitchen design, ask us about more modern options that will give you some relief.

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