Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Now is the Time to Prepare for Your Remodel

With all this cold weather plunging down from the arctic in recent weeks, we thought we’d thaw you out a bit with some warmer thoughts. Spring will be here before we all know it, so there is no time like the present to start the initial plans on that remodel you resolved about this New Year. Sure, you could wait until spring to get started, or you can get started now and beat the mob of people who come out of hibernation with plans to remodel.

Why now? We can think of reasons for people to remodel any time of year, but now is an optimal time. Here’s why:

1) You’ll keep ahead of the game.

As we mentioned above, spring is a popular time to remodel. Getting started on the initial tasks now (like brainstorming, narrowing down your budget and finding professionals you click with) will mean you’ll be ready to get started early - and that means you’ll be enjoying the benefits of your new kitchen or bathroom sooner rather than later.

2) The weather will be beautiful soon.

Sure, it’s hard to believe that it’s ever going to warm up while we’re in the dead of winter, but spring is peeping out over the horizon and it will be here before you know it. Spring weather is, as Goldilocks would say "not too cold, not too hot…but just right." During your remodel, people will likely be in and out of your house – opening and closing doors and windows – so you’ll be more comfortable if the remodeling goes on in optimal weather. We all know how muggy it can get in New York during late summertime! Start now and beat the late summer installation.

Adding to this point, if your kitchen is going to be under construction, it will likely be out of commission (so no cooking indoors) for a bit. Your grill or outdoor kitchen will be a great tool for your cooking needs – and eating outdoors in the nice weather means you won’t have to worry about dust settling on your cheeseburger.

3) You’ll have fewer interruptions.

With the kids in school until summertime (if you have kids) and the bulk of the holiday gatherings in fall and wintertime, you can relax and watch your remodel happen with less stress and fewer interruptions. And, if you do plan to host guests for spring holidays, chances are, at this point, your construction won’t start until after the main spring holidays anyway.

4) Because spring means cleaning and feeling good.

Think of your remodeling plans as a slightly larger way to "spring clean." What better time is there to get more organized so you can feel good about your home again? There’s no time like spring to de-clutter the items you don’t use anymore, rediscover things you didn’t know you still had in the back of those cabinets, and rebuild a space that compliments your life perfectly. With all those extra daylight hours coming soon, you’ll be able to get a better look at your current kitchen to find out what you like and dislike about it.

If you are in the Long Island area, contact our team to learn more about what you can do now to get a head start on your spring remodel.

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