Monday, March 17, 2014

Designing a Traditional Kitchen with a Modern Twist

Your style is unique, and your dream kitchen should be no different. When beginning to choose what your kitchen design style is, don’t feel limited to one style or another! Think of the possibilities there are if you combine two styles that complement each other to make the kitchen of your dreams. Two very popular design choices in 2013 were traditional style kitchens and sleek modern kitchens, and if you’re thinking you love both styles you can make them work together.

Bold Colors

A traditional kitchen is mainly defined by the cabinetry style you use. Known for having raised panel doors and detailed door fronts, traditional style kitchens usually use natural wood colors and glazes. To spice up this look, use bold colors on the walls and in the accents to keep your kitchen looking lively. You can even use bold colors on the cabinets if you want to take it to the next level. Modern kitchens are known for their use of color to make items pop, so go ahead and incorporate that into you traditional kitchen to kick it up a notch.

Up the Technology

Technology in your kitchen doesn’t have be to as traditional as the style you’ve chosen. Modern kitchen designs use new-age appliances to really up the cool factor in the space. This can translate to your traditional kitchen with drawer microwave ovens, touch screen controls, and the like. There is no need for your traditional kitchen to have traditional appliances if you are looking for a modern feel.

Choosing the style of your kitchen doesn’t have to be limited to what is on display in the showroom. Take your favorite parts of any style and put them together to make the kitchen of your dreams. Consumer’s Kitchens and Bath’s designers are trained and ready to help you meld any style together to create your kitchen, so contact us today if you’re ready to start your remodel.

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