Thursday, January 16, 2014

Remodeling With Resale in Mind - Guide

Life is full of changes - good, bad, big, small, expected, unexpected. One day you'll think things have leveled off, and then the next, you're off to another adventure.

Many changes don't just affect you emotionally - they often uproot you and move you across the country (or even just down the street). That's why it's always smart to keep potential changes in mind when planning your kitchen remodel.

What would a buyer want?

Whether you're currently putting your house on the market and would like to spruce up your kitchen to entice buyers - or you're just craving a remodel, but know you'll probably relocate in a couple years, there are plenty of design options that will appeal to the masses (including yourself).

For starters, it's always a good idea to stay safe and neutral with more permanent features, and add flare in areas that can be easily (and inexpensively) altered as needed.

Choosing cabinetry, countertops, flooring and other options that will keep you happy, and appeal to people you don't even know, becomes painless with the right tips.

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