Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stock, Modular or Custom Cabinetry – What’s the difference?

Sometimes finding a perfect solution to your problems can be a drag. Take seeking a perfectly fitting suit for example – they make suits in standard sizes (AKA “Off The Rack”), but they don’t all fit just right for everyone. The standard sizes may be just what the majority of people look for, but not all people are created equal when it comes to build or personal preference (and wouldn’t it be boring if we were?). That’s when custom made (AKA Bespoke tailoring) suits come in handy.

Think of stock cabinets as the “Off The Rack” suits, modular cabinets as “Off The Rack” suits altered to fit your shape and custom cabinetry as the specially made to order suit by a Master Bespoke tailor.

Sure, the production factory-made products serve their purpose as long as they fit the situation and you can settle for the selection that is offered, but as you know people are individualistic and their tastes differ as well as the sizes of the rooms in their homes, and modifications can only accomplish so much.

Stock and Modular Cabinetry

These are most likely to be options you’d find in your local big-box store.

Stock – Cabinets are pulled to order from previously made inventory sitting in a warehouse. Stock cabinets are “what you see is what you get” options. They’re manufactured in factories in standard sizes with limited size, style & color selections. Although they can be your most inexpensive option and delivered quickly, they will be less quality in fit and finish than other alternatives, and don’t leave much in the way of creativity.

Modular – Cabinets are assembled to order from components that were previously produced at different times and from different lots of wood. Think of modular cabinetry as glorified stock cabinets. They come with a larger, but still limited selection of style, finish & accessory options, and they’re only manufactured in 3” increments. Changes to the cabinets to accommodate the best layout for your room are usually limited to cabinet depth and construction options.

Custom Cabinetry

Sometimes stock and modular options just don’t cut it when you’re choosing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, and that’s where custom cabinetry steals the show!

Custom – Cabinets are made to order. All your doors are custom made per order at the same time, from the same lot of wood. They are then hand finished, by an experienced craftsman, a single kitchen at a time to guarantee an impeccable, uniform finish throughout the entire kitchen. Some of the additional benefits of custom cabinetry are the huge selection of color and finish treatment options available as well as custom sizes manufactured in 1/8” increments. Custom sizing is appropriate for just about every kitchen. Here are just some examples of what custom sizing can do for you: exacting reveals around windows, minimize the unattractive gap at the top of the refrigerator and perfectly center sinks all without using unsightly, space wasting fillers. Custom cabinets tend to be a bit pricier than basic modular cabinets, but not when you buy from Consumers Kitchens & Baths.

At Consumers we have the largest selection of high quality custom cabinetry options available at modular cabinet price points. We love working with clients to come up with the perfect solution for their homes. If custom isn’t right for you, don’t worry – we have the best value in stock and modular options as well.

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