Monday, January 27, 2014

Common Surprises When Remodeling

The good news - you’re remodeling your kitchen. The bad news - remodeling your kitchen can seem a bit more taxing than most homeowners are prepared for. Remodeling a kitchen has many moving parts, and the best way to prepare for a kitchen remodel is to first understand the common issues that could arise. So what exactly are the common surprises consumers encounter and probably wish they would have figured out beforehand? Below is our list to help you get started on your remodel.

Remodeling is intrusive

Of course you realize that there will be people there moving things in and out and that the house may be a bit messy – but many people are sometimes surprised at the burden a kitchen remodel can create. No kitchen access means you and your family may be eating out frequently, and perhaps even staying at a hotel or a friend’s home occasionally.

When you know about this in advance and are prepared for it, the transition from once functional kitchen - to disaster area - to amazing new kitchen is much easier.

Unforeseen problems

In a perfect world, you would remodel your kitchen exactly as planned – right on schedule with no hitches. The reality - unforeseen circumstances can arise. Suppose that you accept delivery of your new kitchen cabinets and they don't fit or function properly. Who should be responsible for the cost to fix such a problem?

At Consumers Kitchens & Baths, we make certain that the responsibility of a trouble free fit resides where it should - with our professional team of accredited designers, bonded measurers, and experienced order verification staff.

Clean up After Remodel

Remodeling is messy - period.While your installers may only work in one area of your home and try hard to minimize construction dust- that does not mean dust will only stay in one area. While your installer should wipe down and clean up their area of work, be prepared to do some cleaning of your own afterwards.

The installers you work with will likely inform you of common surprises so that you can properly prepare your expectations and your home in advance. Of course, when concerns arise about products you purchase from Consumers, you can remain confident that our specially trained 200 person team is only a phone call, or e-mail away to help you resolve your problem.

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