Friday, April 4, 2014

When to Use Two-Toned Cabinets

Are you the type of person who can’t easily choose “just one?” There is much to like in the world of remodeling, and sometimes it is tough to make a decision – especially with something somewhat permanent (like cabinet color).

While you can’t really go wrong with choosing to install uniform cabinets in your kitchen (if you work with a reputable designer), many homeowners opt for two-tone cabinets instead - which is another great option.

There are many ways to make multiple cabinet colors work in your kitchen, as long as you do it tastefully.

Tasteful two-tone cabinets

Below are a few ways to make two-tone cabinets work in your space:

Create an island focal point: Two tone cabinets are a perfect way to bring a focal point into your kitchen. One way to achieve this is to use a uniform color throughout your kitchen wall and base cabinets, and then opt for a different, “popping” color for the island. To take it a step further, use that focal color here and there throughout the kitchen (for instance, you could make it appear in a molding treatment, the backsplash, or in a piece of art).

Dark on top, light on bottom: If you have a large kitchen area, and would like it to feel more homey, you may want to experiment with a design incorporating darker wall cabinets, and lighter base cabinets. This will help “bring down the ceiling” a bit, so to speak; and is also a great way to make your upper architecture stand out.

Light on top, dark on bottom: Maybe you have a tiny kitchen and would like to lighten up the overall look, but still keep a bit of color in the cabinetry. Many homeowners use darker cabinets on the base (to ground the room) and lighter wall cabinets, to keep the room from looking heavy. For even more openness, install glass doors on your upper cabinets as well!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with ideas when it comes to two-tone or multi-tone cabinets. They can work beautifully into many different kitchen styles - from traditional to modern. If you’d like to incorporate it into yours, ask an experienced designer to help you come up with the most flattering look for your kitchen space.

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